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Henry Mintzberg writing about business strategy said that it is made at the coal-face: you don’t ‘just sit in a room and write it’ - it is carved out from observation and practical experience, often by trial and error, ascertaining what works and what doesn’t.

We agree with this; however, strategy is also a plan that combines all the various facets of the internal and external environment, best practices, threats and opportunities, financial requirements and available funding. With a well thought through and written plan, road-tested by the management team, a business is far more likely to succeed than without one.

Indeed, what does success look like? For most, it means growing one’s business, which in turn creates more profit for the stakeholders and generates rewards for the employees. One could paraphrase this as ‘making better businesses and better lives’ – and this is what we can help you achieve. To do so, we need to determine how you will grow, which will include answering some of the following questions:

  • How will you attract more business? What are the key factors needed to do this? Better price? Better selling? Better products? Better service? How mature is the market? Will it grow anymore and, most importantly, what disruptive influences could change the existing environment and hence your business model? Can you buy more business, or do you need to grow it organically?
  • How will you service this market? Do you have enough staff of the right skillset? Are they in the right locations? What are the costs of growing the workforce? Will this still add up when compared with the perceived selling prices? Are your working policies geared up to a larger and possibly more diverse set of workers? And these issues will not stand still and will need to be continually examined.
  • What profit will you make from the above and how much finance will you need to achieve it? This will start with a comprehensive budget identifying cost build-ups, profit emanating from various products/services, capital expenditure and working capital requirements – hence both a profit and cash budget and resulting financial plan. This may require additional borrowings and/or more equity investment. How will this be achieved and at what cost? Will there be additional security needs required by lenders and is this available?
  • What internal & external support will you need from in-house management and external professionals? You will likely need a lot of support as the sheer number, variety and breadth of issues to deal with will test any fledgling management team. It will be important to choose your in-house resource and advisors carefully, so as to obtain the right combination of skill, cost, experience and fit to meet the needs of your organisation.

Over the years, we have worked with a wide range of businesses and situations, developing sharp analytical skills as well as gaining a broad spectrum of expertise and experience. We believe we have the right balance of knowledge and experience to help you grow your business amidst the competition from emerging markets, technology disruption, evolving financial landscape, changes in regulation and uncertain economic climate.

With our proactive outsourced services, you gain anytime access to specialist expertise without the full-time cost of employment. We work as an extension of your team, helping drive strategic decisions and delivering practical support at every level you require. Our wide range of contacts also gives you access to a whole range of specialist skills and funding options to further support your growth.

If you are looking to grow your business and feel you need help with direction, support, planning and funding, then please get in touch and our strategy and growth team will be happy to help.

Using timely and accurate financial information to establish robust reporting procedures across every area and growth stage of your business. We collate, explain and use the numbers to offer sound financial management and strategic advice to ensure long-term business’ health.

Helping organisations that are experiencing a business or financial downturn. We work closely with the management team to identify the cause of the problem, support the business with the immediate requirements, and devise and implement strategies to restore long-term profit and financial stability.

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