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Playfair Partnerships is a business advisory firm with 30 years’ experience in offering finance led advice to a broad spectrum of clients. We work exclusively with and on behalf of SME organisations and specialise in working with owner-manged and family businesses.

We began by working with clients in distressed financial situations helping them re-establish profitability and positive cashflow, creating the platform for growth, and then assisting them to achieve this profitably.

Our skillset subsequently developed to meet our clients’ evolving business needs. Hence, in addition to our turnaround service, we developed our unique outsourced financial management service. This covers the whole spectrum of strategic and operational financial management – from finance director through to management information and financial control, whether as part of an ongoing partnership, or a one-off investigative project. This now sits in our business as a standalone service.

So, whilst we do all the ‘boring stuff’ from basic bookkeeping, VAT, payroll and year-end accounts, the difference with Playfair is that this is just the foundation for our true work. We use this data to provide bespoke MI which inputs into strategic analysis, explains business performance to the various stakeholders, and helps define and achieve the business’ goals.



Playfair Partnerships walked into a hornet’s nest of business problems that had hitherto seemed insoluble. They took decisive action to unravel a complex family shareholding structure, had the courage to implement difficult and unpopular strategic decisions, and the energy and dedication to find workable solutions. Thanks to Playfair Partnerships’ business experience, financial acumen and long-term vision, the business is now streamlined, debt-free and profitable.

– Director and shareholder, Family business



Playfair Partnerships are the complete package: professional, knowledgeable and committed. They have helped guide us through a very difficult journey, while at the same time truly becoming part of our business family.

– Director and shareholder, Retail business

Helping you with direction, planning, support and funding to grow your business. Using our knowledge and experience to give advice that effectively contributes to making good decisions for long-term success and our evaluation and contacts to provide the funding to get you there.

Using timely and accurate financial information to establish robust reporting procedures across every area and growth stage of your business. We collate, explain and use the numbers to offer sound financial management and strategic advice to ensure long-term business’ health.

Helping organisations that are experiencing a business or financial downturn. We work closely with the management team to identify the cause of the problem, support the business with the immediate requirements, and devise and implement strategies to restore long-term profit and financial stability.

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