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The property market has made many investors very rich and some very poor! So, as in much of life, timing is everything! Whilst current trends seem to point to a continuation of densification of assets around major cities and purchasing ‘quality’, not all investors have that need or resource. So, managing a range of properties and portfolios is needed across the spectrum and effective management of tenants will attract loyalty and increase returns.


This is a challenging sector, with a changing demand to some extent dictated by the changes on the high street and the move away from in-store to online shopping, giving rise to the need for increased warehouse capacity to support this move. Add to this the ever-constantly rising demand for residential accommodation – now often rented – and the shortages in construction labour force restricting supply, one can see that businesses managing and developing property portfolios need to be on their toes!

At Playfair Partnerships, we recognise these challenges and have designed our property and real estate financial advice and support packages so that we can help your management team evaluate market opportunities and come up with effective strategi, while also keeping the rents, profitability and cashflow of the business in check.

  • Our property and real estate strategy and growth services will help your management team identify and evaluate the best market opportunities and devise the strategy to benefit from them. If the strategy requires, we will help you attract the necessary funding, as well as gathering and presenting the management information for monitoring and reporting on the business.
  • Our property and real estate financial management and control services will help keep an eye on profitability and cashflow. It is vital to keep on top of both, in real time, not after all is finished – and there is no time left for corrective action. Our comprehensive financial management and control services are based on our expert knowledge of the unique challenges and the specific application of these services in the property and real estate sector. 
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    Our property and real estate financial management and control services:

    • Budgeting and Forecasting - providing comprehensive income and cost budgets and regular reviews to help plan and control the business
    • Management accounts – regular, timely, accurate and informative management accounts to keep track of business performance, including a comprehensive commentary highlighting all key issues and KPIs:
      o Earnings identification and analysis across all rental units
      o Profitability analysis including location and tenant profit statements
      o Detailed cost statements compared to budget
      o Bank borrowings, working capital and lock-up ratios
      o Cashflow reporting and cash projections
    • Cashflow management – planning, monitoring and controlling the cashflow; managing the demands of running costs and loan repayments
    • Working capital reports and assistance with managing and recovery of overdue debtors
    • Managing the costs of the employed workforce - with payroll, time-sheets, PAYE and auto-enrolment processes
    • Automated production of rental invoices, cash allocation and effective credit control processes
    • Statutory Accounting, VAT, Corporation Tax and other tax returns – ensuring all compliance matters are accurately calculated and properly managed
    • Tax planning of both firm and stakeholders and the management of annual returns
    • Review of business structure, succession and retirement planning
    • Review of merger, acquisition and disposal opportunities
    • Negotiation with bank and other funders in relation to business and stakeholder funding
  • Given the above, we hope your business is in great shape, but if it is not and is experiencing a business or financial downturn, our property and real estate business turnaround services are here to help the business get back on its feet, restoring it to long-term profitability and financial stability.

Thanks to our broad range of services and knowledge in this sector, we can work quickly to respond to your needs, and our proactive approach enables us to integrate with your business, giving you anytime access to the right level and volume of resources without the full-time costs.

If you think that your property and real estate business will benefit from financial advice and support, some funding and better financial management, or is experiencing a downturn, please get in touch – we’ll be happy to talk to you.


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