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Key considerations for coming out of lockdown


We believe there are three key issues which business owner/managers need to address in anticipation of the reduced lockdown restrictions:

1. The Businesses Market: How is that operating now in comparison to before Covid-19? It is highly likely that the market has changed and you will need to adapt.

2. Internal Operations: How do you bring back furloughed workers, work safely but increase productivity, what costs will you release and how will you mitigate reduced margins?

3. Cash – Financial Management: Your pre-Covid forecasts may have now drastically changed, so you will need a new, robust financial plan which considers all the changes that have and will happen over the next 24 months.

Working primarily with SMEs, Playfair Partnerships is able to act quickly, spot opportunities and adapt businesses to take advantage of those opportunities.

If you would like assistance or advice with transitioning your business out of lockdown, please contact us at:
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