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Cloud Accounting The Right Way


With the growth of cloud technology in recent years, businesses are increasingly opting for cloud-based solutions as a way of managing their finances.

Cloud accounting can offer a number of benefits to many SMEs, including greater flexibility and control as well as access to up-to-date financial information from any device with an internet connection.

However, there are many factors to consider when assessing whether to adopt a cloud-based system for your business and in choosing which provider to use. Before researching the options, we recommend discussing your needs with accountants or other financial experts, to ensure you get the best advice for your business.

Key points to consider include:

Working in partnership

One of the best ways to ensure you make the right decision and get a solution that meets your needs is to work with financial experts who have a more detailed understanding of the leading cloud solutions.

As well as setting up the system to include features, add-ons and reporting tools that work for your business, proactive accountants should embrace the opportunity to work with business owners to provide a more flexible, open and responsive service. In our experience, clients often feel more comfortable making the transition to a new system if we take on the transfer of data for them. As with many things, setting a system up properly from the outset pays dividends over time.

We’ve also seen some real benefits in being able to provide ongoing ‘on the spot’ troubleshooting advice and insight to businesses, knowing that our client is able to see the same information we can see in real time.

A cloud-based system may not be right for your business now, but with providers continually developing their software to incorporate more features, it’s worth keeping an eye on new developments.

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