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Warehousing & Distribution | Business Turnaround


This privately owned business was a major supplier to large supermarkets. Trading difficulties and currency issues threatened the firm's survival...

National supermarket supplier – tackling major issues in business turnaround


This second-generation family firm specialised in high-volume fresh fruit ripening but had suffered reduced volumes through loss of work from its main customers. This had been precipitated by trading and cashflow problems, resulting from the poorly managed FX position and its effect on profitability. The situation was exacerbated by inadequate financial reporting, which was hindering the effective management of the business.


Address the main commercial issues

The boat was leaking and needed to be plugged. This was done by highlighting the FX issue, which had caused large losses, and negotiating price arrangements which allowed prices to be agreed with reference to the prevailing exchange rate and to forward buy, locking in the exchange rate for the period of the contract. Once confidence in the commercial and delivery arrangements had been re-established, our client could then set about regaining the volume which had been lost, and these two actions helped restore profitability.

Establish financial management and reporting systems

We overhauled the financial management and reporting systems, enabling the business to exert control over its activities and move towards a proper financial strategy.

Assist with ongoing recovery programme, raising new funds and formulating strategy

Once the basics had been addressed and financial stability had been achieved, we were able to negotiate additional funding to allow our client to invest in increased capacity, which allowed it to further increase throughput and profit.


Following the turnaround and financial management assistance, this food-based business is now profitable, and in a commanding market position. This has allowed our client to grow substantially, with the turnover increasing from £60m to £160m, diversify into new related ventures and establish a very secure and promising future.


“The team at Playfair Partnerships tackled a variety of business and financial problems within the company with skill and professionalism, which helped overcome the business difficulties, restore profitability and cashflow and generate confidence in the business both internally and externally.” – Managing Director and Shareholder

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