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This young digital marketing agency was looking for more proactive financial advice & support and engaged Playfair Partnerships to give them this...

Marketing agency – financial management & board level advice


Playfair Partnerships started working with this digital marketing agency when it was in its third year. The agency specialises in web design, development and digital marketing. With the main focus on acquiring clients and providing an outstanding service, the managing director did not have the time or resources to focus on the financials, which was mainly guesswork with no real visibility. Whilst the client base was expanding, the profits were growing at a slower rate.

There was an understanding that this was not right and the business needed some professional input. The management had no knowledge of how to achieve it and felt anxious about both the unknown and the potential cost.


Appoint John Playfair as Finance Director

John brings his extensive strategic and financial management expertise to the agency and together with the team from Playfair Partnerships, the agency’s management now has complete financial information on which to base sound business decisions. Whilst continuing to provide clients with the same attentive, personalised and professional service range, the agency’s Board have rethought the pricing strategy around these services.

Provide ongoing financial management and advice

In addition to regular meetings with John to ensure the business’ strategy is driving both growth and profits, Playfair Partnerships provide ongoing financial management and control, giving the agency anytime access to detailed up-to-date and easy-to-understand reports as well as the level of expertise and support the management team needs, without the full-time costs it could not afford.

Identify and deliver R&D tax credits to benefit cashflow

Together with the agency’s management team, Playfair Partnerships identified the opportunity to pursue tax refunds on the agency’s creative design work and together with their specialist tax colleagues compiled successful applications to HMRC to win refunds, reducing the total tax bill and assisting cashflow.


Since starting work with Playfair Partnerships, the agency’s turnover has doubled and the profits have shown a steady increase.


‘Working with Playfair Partnerships has enabled us to focus on growing our business, now that our financial health is in good hands. We have complete trust in Playfair Partnerships and the team make financial information easy – plain English, no jargon – empowering us to make informed business decisions. We are in regular contact with the team – both onsite and online – and find their service offers outstanding value, exceeding that of having an in-house finance team.’ – Managing Director and Shareholder

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